The worst possible opposition

When Pedro Sánchez won the no-confidence motion he presented to Mariano Rajoy in 2018 from the Moncloa Palace to evict a president and a political party steeped in absolute corruption as a result of using State institutions to cover up the crimes of a political party, he could do little. The current Head of Government anticipated the enormity of the problems he would have to deal with. Most importantly, it was and still is a global epidemic that took the lives of tens of thousands of people in Spain, to add to the serious economic consequences, as well as a protracted war in Europe, far from ending. As a result of the delusions of the president of Russia about the dictatorial grandeur.

However, despite the opposition making all possible trips to the current coalition government in the House of Representatives over the past two years, Spain has managed to overcome the epidemic before the bad omens of the political right take place. It became a reality without the total disaster that some want to see our country in. In any case, this attitude was expected to come from a racist, homophobic, classist, sexist party like VOX, which is nostalgic for the earliest Francoism, but the People’s Party, which rules Spain and will one day do it again. joined the club embers Invented by Isabel Díaz Ayuso, cañí is a more serious problem than it might seem at first glance. The same party in Europe, committed to discrediting Spain, rejects in front of the European institutions the capacity of the Spanish Government to manage economic aid as a result of the pandemic, and then demands that the PSOE support it whenever it fails to reach the required majority. Managing without the support of VOX.

The renewal of the General Council of the Judiciary should have happened a long time ago. PP’s attitude is always driven by the same model. While in government, he acknowledges that the PSOE will cooperate in renovating this and any other structure, but when the PP is in opposition, he no longer refuses any cooperation in the interest of normal functioning. the fulfillment of institutions, not those established by the Spanish Constitution. Cooperation between the main political parties is at the heart of the Constitution and its purpose is to communicate to the public that harmony and agreement is possible. The problem is that the People’s Party has not finished internalizing neither the Constitution nor the institutions stemming from it, and each time it governs, it either appropriates them or pretends to conform to its interests. Example for both cases Kitchen and the will to change the CGPJ renewal model so that judges, mostly from the right or the far right, are responsible for directing and appointing judges. On the other hand, the latest labor reform, apparently successful so far, has won the approval of trade unions and employers’ associations. In all of Spain it was only the People’s Party and VOX who were opposed to this key reform.

When the main opposition party is against everything and does not offer an alternative solution, it can be considered an unnecessary political party. But the problem is more serious. The truth is that the main reason for his refusal to cooperate is that he doesn’t want to make public what he plans to do if it reaches the Government. With an ultra-liberal rising star like Isabel Díaz Ayuso who does and says what she wants before the head of the People’s Party can stop her radical right-wing war, the basic truth is that Alberto Nuñez Feijòo is Catholic. and the ultra-liberal positions that inspired the Madrid president.

The Pedro Sánchez Government undoubtedly made mistakes in planning how to solve some of the problems in Spanish society. But it’s the background that matters. Solutions in labor matters, social protection, the freedom of groups traditionally defamed in Spanish society to exercise their individual rights, or the protection of women against machismo stemming from Francoism are a reality, no matter who they are. Oddly enough, those who mock the Government every day offer no alternative solution other than simple things like raising the flag of freedom.

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