Lightning Chess

I don’t know how to follow blitz chess, where each player moves their hands at bullet speed and the contestants compete. They eat each other’s parts like a hot couple eating each other out. What excites me about blitz chess is the dizziness and the feeling that the pieces are going to fall into the hands.

Spanish politics playing a blitz chess game played by the popular FeijóoBelieving the speech of socialist Pedro Sánchez, who is running for the nomination, dedicating himself to investing next time, he calls for opposition events on the street as if he has already lost. If it continues like this, before the new elections, one will sign a million-dollar consultancy contract with a publicly traded company, and the other will publish a bunch of memoirs. We are riding on horseback without moving even a step.

The game is played under the table. This is blind blitz chess, what Pedro Sánchez calls “secret negotiation.” to high-risk maneuvers with independents based on the “keep calm, I’m in control” confidence of teenagers or drunks. His acting style has certain premises. Sánchez only knows the present and, like people who do not earn a living, spends what he has and forces the last euro to make a living first. The PSC defeated the Catalan independentists and the PSE came ahead of the PNV. These promising victories against nationalism could be squandered by wasteful concessions to allow Sánchez to continue ruling the country. Nationalists, who have historically benefited from overrepresentation, are able to achieve more when they have less. If the lesson is that nationalists always win when there are many winners, this auction will have irreparable consequences; when they are few, because they are necessary. In this discreet negotiation, in this blitzkrieg chess game under the table, there are demands to achieve the maximum. Sánchez wants blind trust and offers a guarantee, It is built on its own facts: it does not like to lose.

There’s a lot to ask when you seem willing to give so much.

Source: Informacion


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