Errejon found guilty

And the ordeal began on May 2 in Madrid’s Lavapiés district. Íñigo Errejón, president of Más País, was accused by a neighbor of kicking him in the middle of the street. From that moment on, the press, radio and television were brutal. Full meetings were held at this event. Frogs and snakes spat out. And for many, a conviction has been declared. Errejón was convicted without trial. From one day to the next, Errejón became the new victim of the media inquisition and was therefore burned at the stake.

This is how the world works today. All goes well when the shadow of crime approaches an unknown person. Silence reigns. He is summoned by the court, tried and sentenced or acquitted. But everything changes when the suspect turns out to be someone he knows. Justice is slow. And for this reason, before the event was even in the hands of the investigating judge, the sentence was executed and executed, which is nothing but public lynching.

The media and social networks therefore condemn the innocent and push them into darkness. Whatever the case, it’s out there. It doesn’t matter if the investigation consists of thousands of documents, dozens of witnesses testify about the facts or if expert evidence is required. Some say this is just additional information. Judge things very abstractly. Formalisms without any transcendence.

The same is true for fundamental rights. The right to defence, the right to be informed of the accusation, the accused’s right to remain silent, the right not to testify against oneself and not to confess. Wet paper. Just letters, one after the other to form empty words.

What about the right to the presumption of innocence? It is determined by a sentence given during the judicial process, which guarantees that everyone will be presumed innocent until declared otherwise. The application of this evidence in the oral proceedings according to the principles of immediacy and contradiction, which requires an evidential activity in the process, to be evidence against the accusation and to be carried out with all assurances without being violated. fundamental rights.

This is the legal fact. Rights granted by the Constitution to all citizens. Many years ago, the guarantees that allowed the model of the inquisition to be expelled and replaced by an accusatory model, the criminal process of a democratic and legal State.

But none of this matters. What is really relevant nowadays is to increase viewers and gain followers. If it’s necessary to publicly lynch an honest person, go ahead. First of all, if it belongs to the opposing ideological wing. In these cases, an endless universe of possibilities opens up. A gigantic torture chamber where an increasingly painful tool is used in successive acts of sadism, gathering together, tweeting after tweet.

No limit. Everything happens in this game. It’s not just workplace attacks. And even better if I’m lucky and can get into the victim’s private life. And if I manage to harm and kill him (or whatever) by connecting the farce and the trick, I will have achieved my goal.

Dear readers, this is what happened to Íñigo Errejón. He was insulted, defamed and discredited in some media and social networks for a year. One day after the events, thousands of convictions have been issued against him since May 3, 2021. Errejon, fierce! Errejon, scoundrel! Errejon, guilty! And other barbarisms and nonsense that do not deserve mention.

All without evidence, without starting a criminal investigation, without appearing before a judge, without witness statements, without seeing the recorded footage. You have nothing. Errejón was publicly condemned for nothing. And for a year she had to endure the unbearable. An endless ordeal of crosses promoted by those who have nothing else to use against him.

Fundamental rights did not exist for Errejón. A year before the judicial process, he did not have the right to defense, he could not enjoy the right to the presumption of innocence. On the contrary, for a year Errejón was found guilty without trial.

And finally the moment has come. One year later. Madrid 16th Criminal Court of First Instance acquitted the accused after a judicial process that respected the guarantees granted to all defendants by the Constitution and the Law. He fixed the issue in one go. It has not been proven that Errejón kicked anyone.

Now, the insults are still there, on the Internet, on TV. And no one (or very few) backed out. I hope the day will come when someone does it. Or better, the day the sentences are handed down by the judges, after the trials have been made, after the evidence has been met with all assurances.

It’s wise to fix it. I hope there are leftovers.

Source: Informacion

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