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– Yes sir. The CNI spied on you and your friends for months with the knowledge and consent of the Spanish Government and the mandatory judicial clearance granted by Supreme Court judges.

– Això is a disgrace. We live in a banana republic, democracy etc. in this country you call Spain. none.

More than 40 years ago, we created a liberal, advanced, democratic and decentralized system of government in this country that more than forty million people call Spain, and most do so with their heads held high. And many of us are proud of that.

– What was missing in me to feel was Això.

– Sit down, sit down, Mr. Aragonés. In Spain we have the most decentralized political system in Europe, indeed its Government is a good example. Or do you know of any other region in Europe that has been given more authority by its central government than your community?

– I didn’t know what you said.

– I know very well, Mr. Aragonés. I know that you played with the weakness of the central government and in the hope that the Spaniards would get fed up with the Catalan problem and preferred that you leave without continuing this endless clamor that is going nowhere. Do you know who you look like with this tactic?

– No, but you will tell me, of course.

– They are similar to ETA’s strategy: “Let’s tire the Spaniards, there will come a time when they will prefer that we stay away from them.” But I don’t need to remind you how the ETA ended.

– Unnecessary. Remember everyone. As we well remember what the privileges of the Basques were.

-TRUE. And this is a dysfunction of our system, a necessity that will be fixed over time, believe me.

-Seu system and seu management for Nosaltres imports three columns.

We know, we know very well. You only care about your independence, as if it were the promised land. They don’t want to understand that this is the ruin of all their people, as thousands of companies have already shown that they are afraid of their proposals.

– A fogging foe, pont de plata.

-But they are not your enemies, Mr. Aragonés. It is their entrepreneurs who create jobs and wealth. And you drive them out of their land.

-Bé… we’re here to clear up the espionage issue.

-Espionage… yes… A new spy that you intend to shake the foundations of the state is clear. Yes, my lord. The Spanish government has spied on them and will do so again and again as needed.

– I’m having tea at the Reconèixer-ho bar.

– I agree, yes. Because you are criminals, people who enact illegal laws, plot to disintegrate the State, evade justice, spread lies about Spain and plot to destroy it. Is there a greater reason to engage any government resource than to protect oneself? Is there a judge who could refuse to allow wiretaps to fight against the likes of you? I remind you that the Supreme Court has convicted a large number of people as actors for an attempted riot.

– But they will be forgiven.

Sorry, my lord, it’s a measure of grace that doesn’t require innocence. And these were for easy-to-understand reasons, far from justice and reason.

– You know what I’m talking about, Mr. President?

– I think so, my lord. And frankly, I don’t care about his opinion and threats.

– From now on, Catalonia is the enemy of seu gobern.

– This is another one of your excesses, sir: assimilate Catalonia to the few politicians who see nothing but independence. And it is not so, my lord, it is not. And know that if you stand against the rest of Spain, you and yours will not win.

-Això… això… això a… ugly, dictatorial attitudes…

The President of the Spanish Government turned and left the courtroom of the Generalitat Palace. Outside, a group of people clad in foreign flags, which he was looking at solemnly, were waiting for him. He walked to his car and then the Presidential Minister caught up with him:

How did it happen, Mr. President?

With an emotionless expression, the man looked at her without expressing any emotion:

-As expected, neither more nor less.

The presidency minister smiled. His boss did what was expected of him. And Alberto Núñez Feijó got into the car without hearing a single sound from the picket line clad in illegal flags.

PS: I can assure you that I tried to write this dream with another hero, the current Head of Government. But for me it was impossible, really impossible.

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