Advantages of having a doctor friend

You must have a doctor friend. A doctor’s friendship is healthy. If you are sick, you are already three people, the disease, your doctor friend and you, but the doctor has a fondness for the disease, he goes with him and you can escape unintentionally, you can continue your stamp collection, you can commit a crime. sonnets, living in pronouns or traveling to the Caribbean. You can also meet and befriend a doctor in the Caribbean. One is usually friendly or even brotherly when on an all-inclusive vacation and drinking a mojito. The words “hello, how are you, where are you from” come out perfectly, as if you were pronouncing them every day. And maybe one day the answer will be, “I’m a Spanish doctor,” and then there’s already someone close to you in case you get sunstroke, a shark, or a British tourist bite.

We said there were words that sounded “very good,” but it’s true that it’s in the Caribbean or Marbella, Mallorca or Florida, but things are different in the interior of Egypt or the Colorado desert. Words come out without the sea. They turn out desert or pyramidal. More like dry.

Said heaven heals and the doctor collects the fees Benjamin FranklinWe do not know whether it was before or after the invention of the lightning rod, which prevented many people from being struck by lightning falling from the sky. It’s a form of medicine, no doubt. No lightning. Freud However, “before you are diagnosed with depression, make sure there are no idiots around”, which is not always easy, knowing who your idiots are, how lurking (sometimes sympathy, sometimes pedantic, and even bonhomía) is a very common disease of stupidity. You should have a medical companion without missing out for those who prefer a lawyer and above all those who really develop the friendship of the tavern, the confessor, the accomplice, and sometimes the zealous fulfiller of our alcoholic or coffee cravings. Coffee relieves a certain fatigue, but this corresponds to another article, dark or half-hearted, without adjectives, caffeine or fat, so as not to offend any politician, big businessman, aviator, or paranoid poet. Being paranoid doesn’t mean you won’t be persecuted.

You should have a doctor friend, because it’s appropriate to approach the courtesy and perseverance qualities that certainly adorn someone who has completed a six-year career and competed in MIR, which seems to be the revolutionary acronym for Latin America. nineties. The doctor takes care of his patients, but no one tells his impatient ones what he is doing. This will require consultation.

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