No one poses between equals like Nadia

I am not indifferent to Nadia Calviño, but rather hostile to the right-wing or patroness of Russian orthodoxy in a besieged government than the Ukrainian government. Hence the added value of my surrendering to the courage of the first vice president, simply by rejecting a photo showing undeniably masculinity with business leaders from Madrid. This country would be very different if the person responsible for the economy had opposed electricity and energy companies with the same determination. The right-wing minister accomplished more for equality than he could for the economy, pushing government feminism to the left.

The irreversible act of rejecting the unisex photo takes on a definite nuance thanks to the clarity it uses to explain it. It’s not about forcing a decorative equality, the background is in form. Without the realignment of business leadership, the setback condemned by the vice president would be irreversible. Caught off guard, Vox’s bark reaffirms the bold move, all Spanish politics are challenged. On Calviño’s playing field, equality must be imposed with equal force in the Ibex councils, which in no case can make the current situation worse, just as for vestigial masculinities as those residing in the Supreme Court or the Academies.

No one poses between equals like Nadia. The guys who wanted to crush her with the photo didn’t understand her clear explanations, all the more reason to force them to rearrange the photo search. As if this egalitarian doctrine was secured by bonds, they took refuge in liberalism. Even they will look at women differently from now on and make cosmetic changes to their suits should they pose again with a vice president to aim for the most equitable rebuild. Calviño acted with perfectly targeted anger. He doesn’t want to be the poor Von der Leyen put off by the provincial satraps, he comes across with extreme speed in conveying his own opinions. Do not confuse urbanity with cowardice.

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