Minister of Education, Vincent Marzapolitical leader month commitments Surprisingly, yesterday, he submitted his resignation in the force (they have noses!) that bears the name of the entire coalition. Everyone says that with this, Marzà is the leader of the brand, the vice president of Consell pulled the trigger. Monica Oltrawho are reluctant to step down and step into the background when deciding whether the courts department is obstructing the investigation abuse of minors made by her ex-husband. What would someone like Oltra do if the unsuspecting Marzà resigned? on the verge of blame by TSJ.

And of course what Marzà did yesterday must be read in the context of the ongoing internal struggles at Compromís to dethrone Oltra and replace him to run for the Generalitat presidency in the next elections. a full fledged swipeas evidenced by the fact that until the last moment Marzà will hide his intentions from Oltra; He seemed to announce his departure from Consel, accompanied by his party’s general secretary, not by the vice-president or anyone representing the entire coalition; and said that he did not stop accepting the candidacy, that he “officially” opened the competition for this.

But the real shooter Ximo Puig. Because Oltra’s situation is politically unsustainable, whether she and Compromís admit it or not. So if not today, it will be tomorrow. But Marzà, with his unpredictable move, leaves Consel’s president without a political margin, showing that he has no control over what moves in his government. Puig has made it clear that he plans to reshape his cabinet to give new impetus, but he can no longer cause a crisis: They did. Even the times are not theirs. With partners like this, why does PSOE need competitors?

Source: Informacion


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