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While Emmanuel Macron’s victory over Marine Le Pen was greatly resonated and relieved by those of us who believe in the European project, the struggle is now starting to gain a majority in the National Assembly in the June 12 and 19 elections. some see it as the third round of selection. This was said by Le Pen and Melenchon, who will discuss the seats with Macron from the right and left. It should be noted that in the primary elections, the results were quite tight as Macron won 27.7% (23.1%) of the votes for Le Pen and Melenchon with 21.9% of the vote, and both of them called other parties from their fan base. It should not be forgotten that it is Joining forces to challenge legislatures and achieving it is not easy either.

Parties that for many years guaranteed change within shared values ​​have become irrelevant, and France is today divided between liberal centre-right, far-right and left-wing populism, urban and cosmopolitan elites, and workers. peasants from unindustrialized and rural areas. Suffice it to remember that 80% of Le Pen voters had bad lives, got worse, and the rulers ignored them, which helps explain why only 40% of French voters approve of Macron’s rule and abstain. This is 28%, the highest rate since 1969. Macron knows that his arrogant and elitist style evoked strong rejection, and that he was reelected more out of fear than on merit, which Le Pen still evokes. votes. If it continues like this, it will one day exceed the 50% mark because it has become moderate and no longer talks about leaving the euro or leaving the EU. Today the far right is an acceptable option for almost half of the French, something that should be concerned beyond the borders of Exagon as this far right does not believe in the European project. Hence the satisfaction and relief of Macron’s victory, which guarantees at least five more years to build Europe. It was also well received in the US because both the far right and the populist left are anti-NATO and show sympathy and understanding for Russia.

Le Pen’s future is not easy either, because he knows that the real winner among youth and workers is abstention. After three consecutive defeats, the RN head has doubts about his own continuity, while there is a struggle with Eric Zemmour for leadership of the far right in this legislative election. Not to mention what would happen if a power that won 13 million votes in the presidential elections, due to the two-round majority system that prevails in France, is practically excluded from Parliament and local governments, as in 2017. “Like the yellow vests that have been talked about a lot lately, they can take to the streets again.

For all this, legislators are presented to the face of a dog. In the short term, he needs a majority that will allow Macron to run his program and not engage in uncomfortable cohabitation with a prime minister (or prime minister) who is ideologically opposed to him from the left or right. Since foreign policy was almost the exclusive domain of the president, it would have eliminated many domestic powers. For him, the choice of a prime minister (or prime minister) who can seduce the right and the left is very important. He also knows that his party’s future is not secured in the face of rising extremism, and that his last five years as president cannot be an extension of the previous ones, because he must unite France during this time. and include industries that feel marginalized today. In the longer term, it needs to make the necessary reforms to achieve a new political consensus on shared values ​​to avoid the giddiness of the abyss that could reopen in five years. Nobody said it was easy.

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