“Give me a bite” Cafe, open! About why your institution will be launched in Russia now 03/24/2023, 08:03

If you ask ten restaurateurs what they would recommend to those who want to open their own restaurant, they will all say, “Don’t open your own restaurant.”

Yes, the food service industry has never been easier. He has a lot to do with people, perishable products, and authorities. In addition, businesses have been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic and new sanctions. Those who could adapt survived. Or they have good investors.

But despite the uncertain future and all the difficulties, people continue to open restaurants. Let’s try to understand why.

First, let’s talk about the motivation to open a restaurant in times of crisis.

For many, it’s a dream they’ve been working towards for years, devising a business plan, writing a business plan, thinking about a concept, seeking funding, and they don’t want any current situation to stand in their way. It’s a very understandable desire that many people have felt over the past year, when external circumstances begin to dictate how you live and where you work.

As many popular restaurants have closed due to the lockdown and very high purchase prices, some see an opportunity to fill a gap in the market. There is a fine line to feel when an establishment closes simply because of poor management or lack of demand. It is also very difficult to understand when and why a certain product did not enter the market.

A vivid example: the bubble tee, which tried to break into Moscow in 2015-2016 but failed to gain popularity, returned after the 2020s with a new round of distribution of Asian establishments and mukbang. What has changed in just eight years? The most obvious answer is the marketing approach and budgets. And here it is important that the newly minted restaurateur honestly answers the question: will he be able to attract development?

The second, of course, is timing. In different periods, cultures and cuisines of different countries gain popularity, and if you are ahead of the curve, you will not be able to set a trend, you will simply fail.

Another problem is the complete uncertainty of the situation. No one knows how long times of crisis will last and what the long-term consequences will be for the restaurant industry. Will people feel comfortable again, ready to spend money on catering? Will consumer tastes and preferences change? All these questions need to be solved by restaurant operators. And many are ready to work with it, because we can wholeheartedly say that there is no real stability at all. And those who really want to create cafes and restaurants can do nothing but do it.

And despite these problems, many restaurant owners have found ways to make them work. They use modern advertising methods, offer creative menus and packaging options, collaborate with well-known bloggers, try to make a restaurant or cafe visit special, even for a simple lunch or a cup of coffee.

Also, as people become more interested in local ingredients, new restaurants are taking advantage of changing consumer preferences and market conditions. Farm-to-table or health food restaurants are becoming more popular, giving them an edge in a competitive industry. Often, a focus on local ingredients helps reduce reliance on imports and avoid future risks of disrupting the supply chain. This is convenient for customers interested in supporting local businesses (especially important in regions), the use of seasonal produce, and maintaining normal prices.

Institutions will continue to open and close, but market leaders will survive. Yes, it is not easy to create a really catchy and permanent concept, but it is possible. And, of course, every novice restaurateur is sure that he has just such a person. And only time will tell if hopes will come true.

For this reason, most restaurateurs are advised not to mess with restaurants, but to open up themselves and continue working in the industry anyway. And rightfully so, because people still need to eat!

It will be permanent. Even in the most difficult times, there will always be a demand for good food. And in the face of sanctions and restrictions, people especially want to touch something that is rare, exclusive and has status. If we don’t have real Italian parmesan, let’s at least add our black caviar to breakfast.

Realizing that the catering industry is a very social business, guests can support their favorite projects with just rubles and publicity. Especially in times of crisis, it is important that both the guest and the restaurant operator understand each other.

The author expresses his personal opinion, which may not coincide with the editors’ position.

Source: Gazeta


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