‘Your face looks familiar’, ‘Deluxe’ and ‘How much cops’ compete for the audience today

tenth edition ofyour face is familiar to me‘ he’s coming tonight antenna 3 (22:10 hours). Alfred García, Anne Igartiburu, Agustín Jiménez, Jadel, Merche, Miriam Rodríguez, Josie, Andrea Guasch and Susi Caramelo are the contenders of this new season, which will start the new season with an amazing street trick with competitors from previous years. commemorate the 10th edition. The first premiere of ‘Your face looks familiar’ begins without breathing and with performances that will go down in the program history. Miriam Rodríguez will be Camila Cabello in the first installment of the edition; Susi Caramelo will be Tefi C; Josie will defend the first premiere as Julio Iglesias; Alfred García will go into Coldplay’s skin; Jadel will play Nathy Peluso; Merche will be Olivia Newton John; Agustín Jiménez will play Chimbala; Andrea Guash will sing and dance as Chanel; Anne Igartiburu will debut as Thalía.

on his behalf, heluxury‘ will be a bet telecinko (22:00 hours). On this occasion, Luis ‘Pinocho’, who claims to be Bernardo Pantoja’s son, will pass Conchita Pérez’s polygraph test and face controversy.

Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan hand in hand at La 1

one TVE is airing a new show tonight’what two cops(23:00). Jimmy (Bruce Willis) and Paul (Tracy Morgan) are two colleagues in the New York Police Department who encounter a ruthless gangster obsessed with vintage objects in pursuit of an expensive baseball card stolen in 1952. Jimmy is a veteran detective and the card means his only chance to pay for his daughter’s wedding, while Paul, obsessed with movies and the police, only wants to fight crime. Although Paul’s biggest concern right now is his wife’s blatant infidelity, which drives him away from his job…

Denzel Washington, counter-terrorism agent in Cuatro

four The new show of the program tonight (22:00) ‘deja vu‘. Agent Doug Carlin (Denzel Washington) discovers that the bomb explosion on the New Orleans Ferry was the work of a terrorist. Thanks to his intelligence to quickly distinguish and analyze the relevant from the secondary at the crime scene, Carlin is recruited into a mysterious investigative team that uses an advanced machine that allows him to do something extraordinary…

research team‘ will be a bet sixth this Friday night (22:30). On this occasion, the program presented by Gloria Serra investigates the crime of the twins. An indecent neighbor records the murder of his neighbor on the landing through his peephole. The victim’s name is Pedro, 55 years old, and he was staying at his partner’s house. Moments later, other neighbors record how a man and two women struggle to clean up the crime scene. They’re the victim’s girlfriend, her twin Pilar, and her boyfriend. Mossos arrives and is caught red-handed with the corpse hidden under a blanket at the crime scene. Isaac, the alleged murderer, claims to have killed him in self-defense. However, the autopsy found no signs of fighting on the body of the victim or the alleged attacker. Agents find voices and messages on the cell phones of the three defendants suggesting they were plotting Pedro’s death. The twins do not testify before the investigating judge. But the victim’s girlfriend, Loli, speaks for the venue only.

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