Vox, bastion of communism

There are exaggerated ideas, others are grotesque, and on top of that, Ramón Tames’ proposal to run for La Moncloa for Vox is dazzling. Without Santiago Abascal, the party became the bastion of Marxism-Leninism, the last communist hope that no sane progressive would dare to preach. The censorship establishment works more in favor of the extreme left than Podemos because Pablo Iglesias took to the skies shouting “PC betrayed you”.

Faced with the announcement of the movie of the year all of a sudden, the ascension of Tames into the sky a century after the A.D. gains credibility. As a dictator, Franco was unthinkable without Marxism, which he denounced at every step, the demand for Francoism must be complemented by the anti-Francoism embodied by the 89-year-old professor. Vox puts historical distortion before literal memory, but touches on nostalgic extremes.

Tames will have a hundred votes from the Presidency of the Government next week, no communist has gone this far. Because even Putin dared not save communism, he took refuge in an imperial Russia with the added incentive of being an orphan. Faced with the blowing up of essences, there must be factions of the moderate far-right obsessed with suspending the resolution by force, even if it claims a sudden deterioration in the health of a candidate who should be brought to the podium. Now the professor has nothing to lose, it is Vox that shows up in the elections. The ongoing nonsense contaminates his inevitable partner in PP. If the popular ones fail to escape the spectacle, their hypothetical hybrid governments will result in even more payoffs than PSOE and Podemos accusing each other of betraying half of humanity. It has long been known that Spain is a big challenge for Vox, but now it has become clear that Spain is a country of countries too complex for the privileged brain of Tames. There is no cure.

Source: Informacion


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