Lawyer redefines Alves

“Party is in” phrase to indicate rape suspect’s coming alves, would unleash a mass anger against its author. But there is this statement, and it was uttered by the player’s lawyer, raised to the rank of the only person authorized to question the version of the victim, his lawyer, and the detecting judge. “more than enough tips” In fact, the signing to follow the football jargon of Cristóbal Martell was hailed for turning the situation around. As far as is known, a lawyer cannot change a single, at most, the outcome of the disputed facts, but his hiring was received as if it redefined that party’s score.

The social process, which is completely independent of the will of the lawyer and his role in the process, divides the advocate into two as the judge and the party that determines the narrative. It is an indirect and cowardly trick to doubt the victim’s version without assuming the results of the interrogation. It’s equivalent to talking about “claimed” instead of “claimed” because words also play a role. The lawyer can use arguments that society does not even dare to summarize, in the United States it was forbidden to investigate the previous sex lives of rape victims. Aznar’s memorable attorney general, Jesús Cardenal, denied that there was a bias in justice in favor of the wealthy. He made it clear that the stronger can hire better lawyers and that courts are sensitive to good arguments. An excellent explanation of the Alves incident.

The alleged violation has shifted from the star system, from the galaxy where Alves and his predecessors were inviolable, to a galaxy where his lawyer was invincible. In this astronomical space, the football player indirectly regains the advantage of his star status. Class discrimination among alleged criminals is affirmed, but an ancestral factor is forgotten, which the judge cleverly uses and balances confrontation. It’s called the prison, the shredder that dethrones and destroys its contents. Remember, the longer the prison lasts, the more irreversible its effects on the inmates’ charisma and reputation. Mario Count.

Source: Informacion


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