old words

i like the expressionobject of thought because there seems to be a certain contradiction in it, as if the products of the head could not be things. Right now I close my eyes and imagine a blue bus full of people. Travelers are so crowded that their members are confused. I’m one of them too, and I don’t know if this right arm belongs to me or the person next to me. All of a sudden the arm moved a bit, unintentionally, and I concluded from that that it wasn’t mine. So where is mine? I finally find it, but soon discover that it belongs to someone else, too. I’ve definitely lost one of my limbs, which is causing me to have a controlled anxiety attack by mentally saying calming words to myself, like someone trying to calm down a frightened animal. Then I ask myself whether words are mental objects too, and I answer yes.

Then I think of old words, the words of my now-dead mother and father. I remember all the sentences I flipped through my head like someone picking up and disassembling a meccano. My mom always told me I was going to jail.

A few times I was on the verge of pleasing him, but at the last moment some kind of self-preservation instinct always worked for me so that I did not go to jail even though I visited him out of curiosity. several times to make reports. Whenever I went into one, I imagined visiting myself, or rather the self in my mother’s head. I wonder if intellectualized versions of children can be described as a mental object. And I answer yes with my real tongue, the tongue in my mouth. Only one real tongue fits into a real mouth; In an imaginary mouth, several superimposed tongues fit each language.

The mind bus in which I was traveling surrounded by people came to a stop and everyone got off, including me. Already at street level, I free my right arm, which had fallen asleep from the pressure. I carefully observe my hands, which immediately become two mental instruments.

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