slime of the party

Now that it’s red carpet season, we should applaud them, but not just for their professional work. The people of cinema did it again, stand up and put your finger on another wound. The party, which was held in Zaragoza after the Feroz awards given by the Spanish cinema press were handed out in Zaragoza, ended with several complaints on Sunday about a man who sexually harassed a guest and a man who did the same to a guest. Action was swiftly taken, and the man, the film and theater producer in the first case, was brought to the courthouse on duty at dawn and released on charges, while police are investigating the second case. After learning of the identity of the arrested Javier Pérez Santana, complaints came from other actors, directors or screenwriters who had been harassed by him on different occasions and at previous soirees. One of the best testimonies was that of journalist and writer Bob Pop, who revealed that the same evening as Feroz, he had stepped on the subject and tried to kiss her without her consent. He avoided her as best he could and, thinking that he had met her again, went home. “party slime” Typical character that everyone turns away from because he is guarded by the intake of alcohol or whatever, and in the heat of the walk he seizes the opportunity to approach, grope, stick his tongue, touch ass and whatever. A invasive and unpleasant neighbora Hunter low density, available at all festivities with minimal clutter, backed with firmness so as not to spoil. Don’t be narrow woman, it’s not a big deal. If the poor thing is too drunk. If he is kind. Victims ceased to be party poo because they stopped methamanos on duty. No need to put up with unwanted touches and point.

The guy with Feroz’s “slimy” checks is a producer just like Harvey Weinstein. Because coincidences are only believable in romantic comedies, we should be wary of so many coincidences and look for behaviors that normalize the prevailing. The sexual excesses, harassment, and even rape attributed to the American founder of Miramax that led to the #metoo movement has sent him decades in prison and still kicks in. They also motivated their exclusion. We’ll see what happens in the case of Spain, since Pérez Santana, who won the critic’s award for Mi vacío y yo, which garnered praise and accolades on transgenderism (he released his “shit trip, watch out for me” complainant the previous night), plus it’s delivered in a little over a week. prefers Goyas. The Women’s Filmmakers Association demanded “zero tolerance” for such aggressors, and there was a lot of individual backlash from the performing arts association against them and in support of the victim. It has little to do with the timid reaction of the football community to the alleged violation that Dani Alves is accused of. And it has nothing to do with the intervention of Madrid mayor José Luis Martínez Almeida, who refused to take the honor of Plácido Domingo, who admitted to sexually abusing him at the last plenary of the capital, because of his complaints. and “because we don’t participate in witch hunts, burnings, bonfires, or the left-wing moralism.” Another slug from the party with his aide defending him.

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