Which countries receive the largest influx of Russian refugees?

hard to get out Russia currently, especially of men old enough to serve Army. Long queues formed at the border gates Georgiaprices flight tickets Separation from the Eurasian country is at its peak and there is a general atmosphere of unrest.

south Caucasia this is one of the hottest spots Exit Beginning on September 21, after the partial mobilization was declared by the Russian president, Vladimir Putin. According to the Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs, in recent days 53,000 Russian citizens. These add to the more than 40,000 arrivals in Ukraine since the beginning of the Russian offensive, according to Reuters data, the Transcaucasian country being one of the biggest recipients of Russian immigrants due to its geographical proximity, ease of entry and cultural characteristics. proximity – many Georgians speak Russian.

This situation produced voltages by locals and newcomers price increase commonly, especially apartment for rent. On the other side of the border, long lines thousands of tools that take into account more 24 hours waiting and regional officials have already warned that anyone who fits in the queue will receive a prize. recruitment letter.

No visa required

In addition, Armenia and Azerbaijan in the Caucasus hosted many Russians, especially those of Armenian and Azerbaijani origin. can come in No visa and the connectivity between countries are the main reasons why these destinations are so sought after. While Baku does not provide official data, Yerevan confirms that 40,000 people of Russian nationality have arrived on its territory since last September 21. they had come before 142,000equivalent to 5% of the national population.

With European Union (EU) According to data from Frontex, the European Border and Coast Guard Agency, 66,000 Russian citizens also entered, 30% more than the previous week. Finland – 42,000-. In recent days, the Baltic states – Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania – have already warned that they will not allow Russia. avoid mobilization. This was expressed, for example, by the Lithuanian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Gabrielius Landsbergis, who assured that “the Russians should stay and fight against Putin”. outside the EU, Serbian received 1000 immigrants

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However, for the time being, it was the region that received the most Russian citizens. Middle Asia. Just Kazakhistan, the largest country in this field, registered 98,000 entries. On the one hand, the newcomers were surprised that ordinary Kazakh citizens were allowed to provide them with food and water, or even sleep in the cinemas, as they did not have free accommodation. In another country in the region, KyrgyzstanIt was also announced to the public that 3,500 Russians arrived last week. There are also reports that some fugitives are gone. Uzbekistan Y Tajikistan, but there is no official data. Hotel reservations in the capitals of these countries, Tashkent and Dushanbe, have proven to increase prices and finding a spare room these days has proven very difficult.

Another favorite destination TurkeySince the end of February, it has become a very valuable place both as a waypoint to immigrate and to go to another country -Istanbul has one of the few intercontinental airports still working for Russians- and also as a tourism destination. According to foreign media estimates, 30,000 Russian citizens have arrived in the country since September 21. Also in Asia, Mongolia received 3,000 Russians, according to local media data. They mainly come from the region. BuryatiaIt borders the country and has a significant ethnic minority of Mongolian descent.

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