The ‘Mamarazzi’ of El Periódico from the Prensa Ibérica group are experts at breaking down the gossip. So much so that they have stepped up and the podcast they broadcast every Wednesday is now broadcast on Acast, the world’s largest independent company in the industry. They also face an even greater challenge today: Putting together the pieces of celebrity ‘hearts’ that have been shattered lately and no less. “There were no rumors of a possible breakup” by Lorena Vázquez and Laura Fa horn that Iñigo Onieva takes the name Tamara Falcórevealed by a great betrayal 48 hours after they announced their engagement and divorce Laura Escanes and Risto Mejide after seven years of relationship. Regarding this latest breakup, the ‘impressive’ is looking for an apartment in Madrid with the clear intention to turn the page as soon as possible. But… what if it already happened?

there are allegations scans He already has a new special friend and that’s a ‘coach’ from ‘El Desafío’Antena 3 show featuring ‘Influencer’ in season three. Unlike Risto, Mejide’s ex has not spoken in public since the divorce news broke last Sunday afternoon. However, Fa is one of the few journalists who can talk to him.

‘Misinformation’ says ‘impressive’

Escanes took a step alleged infidelity. But when the sound of the river comes… it carries water. Because the ‘Mamarazzi’ are also aware of this new stage of the ‘influencer’: They stated that the relationship with the physical trainer will be established in June and that they now have their ‘maximum support’ during the separation. Famous did not deny these statements.. In fact, it didn’t even get wet. Of course, he talks about “false information” and remembers that in the middle of the breakup, there was another very important person: their common daughter, Roman, is two years old.

There’s a lot to talk about the divorce of these two ‘celebrities’ and Laura Fa and Lorena Vázquez couldn’t have wanted to be less. They described the separation statement as a “sea of ​​romantic and conciliatory”. “Laura does this with optimism because she’s the one who takes the initiative.. On the other hand, Risto is upset because he’s on the ‘left,'” said the Fa, who dared to say that one of the triggers for the breakup was the age difference between the two.

Fa also did not cut herself off regarding the statements she made by the broadcaster and on the show ‘Todo es Lie’, which she felt identified with Támara Falcó. “She is the only one who has decided to compare herself to the Marquis of Griñón,” she said. cheating tips What did he do to his ex?