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welcome to the president Tim Burton How could this be otherwise, it’s chaoticis full of monsters, imagination, and doors that take us to uncharted places. This is exactly how it is presented ‘Tim Burton, the maze’ exhibitwe are entering an area that can be traveled in multiple directions depending on the path you take.

“I think they can perfectly represent how my brain works. You enter one place, it takes you to another place and sometimes there are dead ends Or you don’t know where you’re going. Standing at the door of the huge tent (18.400 m²) where the exhibition created by LETSGO and the filmmaker is located, the famous director said, “Although all these years have passed, I still do not understand it very well.” Available to visit from September 29.

Indeed, a immersive experience It will take them through a series of rooms revolving around a certain theme, where each visitor can enjoy the offer differently depending on the doors they choose to pass through, and set of technology, music, scenery, video projections and original sculptures It was created by the teacher falleros of Santa Eulalia. In addition, on the walls we find more 200 original sketches transferred by its creator, some of which have not been published until now.

Thus, we find rooms dedicated to ‘Bitelchús’, ‘Eduardo Makaseller’, ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ or ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’, some of his iconic films. creatures that do not appear in any of his works and that’s part of his imagination. “I have always loved drawing, it is a form of expression for me. So at first I didn’t mind being told that my drawings were ugly, resisted these criticisms and moved on. From the perspective of the years, I understand that the important thing is to be guided by what is enjoyed, not by people’s opinions,” continues Tim Burton in his own character. black uniform, colored glasses and hat which hides her messy hair, now a little less sparse.

The director admits that he cannot choose any of the rooms in the exhibition as his favourite, because all the films that appear with pictures are part of the exhibition. “They are like my children. Some are more handsome, some are uglier but I love them all similar”. Recently, Tim Burton has been chaining up some failed projects, from the Margaret Keane biopic ‘Big Eyes’ to the live-action adaptation of ‘Dumbo’, which he tried to break ground on.

found now for preparation Netflix mini-series ‘Wednesday’centered on the little girl from the ‘Adams Family’ starring Jenna Ortega, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Luis Guzmán, with Christina Ricci playing the role in the 1990s. “This is the first time I’ve been working on something like this. Years ago I felt that the Hollywood industry had changed, that there would be no movies made, only streaming, but now that I’m making a series for a platform, I realize that no, each product has its place and the room experience has value and space. will continue”.

Tim Burton She did not refuse to work with the person who became a fetish player again. From ‘Edward Makaseller’, Johnny Depp, despite the many controversies that have surrounded it over the years. “It’s always a possibility,” he said. “I think every project, whether I’m working with that person or not, sets its own rules for the best fit for the role.” He also joked about Michael Keaton re-wearing the Batman costume in new DC Universe movies. “I find it hilarious because when we made the movie in the eighties, we laughed at the thought that in twenty years he’d be wearing a suit to open malls or liven up birthday parties…but no! There he plays Batman again.”

Tim Burton was exactly the director. started the fire for comic book adaptations Super heroes Thanks to ‘Batman’ and ‘Batman Returns’ he turns them into ‘blockbuster’ movies, so now he thinks it’s a paradox when they tell him they’re too dark. “Mines are a fairy tale compared to what’s being done now.”

The director did not want to make any statement regarding his appointment. first ambassador of the city Madrid By Mayor José Luis Martínez-Almeida. “I am very happy to be here, I cannot imagine this exhibition anywhere else. Besides, every time I come, everything from trees to people feels different to me.”

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