Ruth Lorenzo bids farewell to Masterchef for cooking ‘too much’ from Murcia: ‘I’m more of a garden’

Murcian Ruth Lawrence he said goodbye to his time at Masterchef Celebrity yesterday and third thrown from this issue of the culinary program. The singer, who did a good job on the previous two broadcasts, didn’t have his best day and after being part of the worst team in the outdoor test, In the qualifying test, he failed to achieve the goal that the judges wanted.

Pepe, Jordi and Samantha are the contestants who risked everything in the knockout test. preparing a fusion cuisine mealblending two different kitchen styles; In this case, two cultures. Ruth Lorenzo forced to unite Spain and Singaporebut he threw home too much and his plate was very Murcian.

“Your food is okay, but it wasn’t the kind of cuisine we wanted.did not carry us to that spicy, spicy, delicious cuisine,” Pepe said, referring to the fact that the singer had not noticed the Singapore influence in his food. “It took more from Murcia than we wanted from the other eastern part”, the chief pointed.

The dish he called ‘El picantón de la Lorenzo’, murci wok with sweet and sour lemon, her mother Murcian salad and with potatoes, because “in Murcia we put potatoes on everything”as he himself explained.

A good Murcian wok, but as Jordi Cruz puts it, “it won’t get you anywhere else”. “The food has not left Murcia”, in turn, he convicted Pepe who revealed this Summer near Salinas de San Pedro del PinatarWhere Ruth Lorenzo dedicated the song ‘Flamingos’.

His friends prepared meals as more tests required, and finally Ruth Lorenzo has been deported.

Yes definitely, Before leaving, Murcian fulfilled a dream. “I would like to dance with Jordi if I go today,” she said. It was. Representing Spain at Eurovision 2014 dance in the kitchens of Masterchef holding on to the chefhe admitted that he was ‘washed’ for this from the beginning of the program.

At the end of the show and when the audience found out who the third fired was, Ruth Lorenzo said goodbye via social networks and revealed this. He leaves the optimistic program thinking about coming back and giving it his all in the playoffs.

“Fusion may not be my thing, I’m more of an orchard. But it was a pleasure to savor the sweet hell of Masterchef. See you soon?“, Wrote.

Source: Informacion


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