Treasury urged unions to negotiate 2023 salary for officials Wednesday

this Ministry of Finance and Public Administration urged the unions to start negotiations. salary hike inside public administrations in the next frame Budgets. The first meeting will be held next Wednesday. sources CSIF troops They acknowledged that the call already represents its “first victory” in the trade union crackdown in recent months and the call for mobilization scheduled for this Saturday.

For CSIF Given the current rise in prices, the Government’s to update salaries retroactively to January 1, 2022 this year, according to the loss of purchasing power suffered by workers. Likewise, the signing of a framework agreement, which will take several years, will be considered at the negotiating table in order to gradually compensate for the loss of purchasing power experienced by public employees since 2010. According to union accounts, this loss of purchasing power was 20% as a result of the salary cuts in the last crisis. The negotiation platform will also include proposals to improve working conditions.

In every situation A demonstration demanding improvement for civil servants is scheduled for next Saturday in Madrid. Hundreds of buses have been rented from all provinces against the impact of the current economic situation and the need to update salaries (both in the private and public spheres), the cuts in pension conditions and the deterioration of public services.

Source: Informacion


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