Prosecution to check four children involved in homophobic aggression in San Vicente

Four young children identified in the homophobic attack on a girl in San Vicente will be followed by the police. Children’s Prosecutor’s Office. Despite their age (one is 11 years old, the other is 12 and the other two are 13) cannot be appealed, that is, no criminal action can be taken against them. The Ministry of Public Affairs considers that it will “open a prosecution” “due to the seriousness of the cases and the very risky situation the minors are in”. protection» requesting information from the Social Services of the place of residence of both themselves and their families, and then checking the educational measures taken, are the only ones that can be adopted.

Article 17 duplication juvenile law, connected “Children under the age of 14 in conflict with the law”, It determines that they “will be included in a monitoring plan that assesses their socio-family situation, designed and carried out by the competent social services of each autonomous community”. It also adds that where aggression against this youth is involved, “if the act of violence constitutes a crime against freedom or sexual reparation or violence against gender, the monitoring plan should include an education module on gender equality.” A 15-year-old girl was hit with punches and homophobic insults, and she found the courage to denounce it on her Instagram profile.

Actually, Civil Guard researched as hate crime These events occurred in a particular urbanization in San Vicente, when one of the children jumped the fence and opened the door to the others.

Three of the men are in front of the agents they identified the oldest as the author of the punch that broke the young woman’s nose. They explained that they had argued with him as a witness and that the girl had responded.

“My daughter is also underage and unprotected”

“My daughter is also underage and unprotected. He is the one who should look back as the victim and those who hit him and insult him move on with their lives. It’s like nothing happened.” The mother of the victim of homophobic aggression in San Vicente speaks out and demands amendments to the Minors Act because “stealing a cell phone is not the same as hitting a girl”. This woman insists she doesn’t want revenge, but to make sure those who attacked her daughter don’t do it again He wants to make sure that something will be done, and if the girl has hurt them by repelling aggression, she underlines the paradox that “she can be attributed to her because she’s 15”.

Source: Informacion


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