funeral pathologies

Father and son avoid being photographed together so as not to pollute each other; the other, so as not to get dirty. The world is big, but it is not difficult to come across a coffin when you go to the same funerals. We are talking about Juan Carlos I and Felipe VI, of course, recently joined by the body of Isabel II. But what happened to these two noble characters also happens to the pedestrians in the story. The other day, a colorfully dressed lover of the dead suddenly appeared at the funeral home on the M-40 in Madrid, where we were accompanying the widow of a friend. We saw him making his way through the door to the window to watch the body, and then he approached the widow to whom he had conveyed his grief. Those of us present held our breath in the face of such a violent situation, but we would have died if we did not breathe, so we exhaled almost simultaneously and re-breathed at the same time, resulting in a completely perceptible woeful discharge. in the room.
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