The government promises to raise the SMI to 1,049 euros in 14 payments in 2023

Joaquín Pérez Rey, Minister of State for Employment, emphasized this Wednesday: with current levels inflation most State “must fit” with your program and will rise in 2023 minimum interprofessional salary (SMI) to reach 60% of average salary.

In the explanations in the sixth chapter, Pérez Rey announced that they will meet with the commission of experts for analysis at the beginning of September – the 2nd meeting is planned. How much should this rise be? which will be valid next year. “We will continue to upgrade SMI for the coming year,” said Pérez Rey.

In June of last year, the expert advisory commission drew attention to the Government’s various ranges and scenarios of increase in SMI. The highest minimum wage It should reach 1,049 Euros in 14 payments To meet this 60% target in 2023. Currently, SMI 1.000 euro gross at 14 payments.

Source: Informacion


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