Esperanza Aguirre accused ‘Everything is a lie’ and Marta Flich stopped her: ‘Talk to management’

content ‘Everything is a lie’ they don’t seem to like it Hope Aguirreis a regular contributor to the Cuatro space. This became clear yesterday afternoon, and he showed his anger directly at the treatment given to some of the issues of the day.

“This program is anti-monarchical and anti-embersHe released the ex-president of the Community of Madrid, who accused him of formatting. “on demand State flow”. He later regretted to Pedro Sánchez’s manager that “not a single criticism” was made, even though it had nothing to do with what was on the table at the time: “I think it might be like that for a while”.

Marta Flich appeared to defend her program and wanted to emphasize that “opinions are free”, but Aguirre continued his monologue: “We have three criticisms of the monarchy today. If King Felipe did not rise to the sword, if Queen Letizia wore a short skirt … And now, according to Trump, Don Juan Carlos says why he has to explain”. “What a crime!” he said sarcastically.

The former politician took the opportunity to describe himself as a “monarchist by faith”, as he was “absolutely convinced that we Spaniards are doing very well with the monarchy”. When asked about his attitude towards Donald Trump, he replied firmly: “Why would I be anti-Trump? The Americans chose him, he’ll have something. I don’t know him.”. “Well, he has a good background in barbaric things,” said Eduardo Garzón.

After hearing Aguirre’s ‘Everything is a lie’ criticism, the host decided to fix the problem and move on to another topic: “You talk to management and do the summary together”. “You have freedom of expression here, and each of you is free to think whatever you want. Come on, that’s exactly why this show will be happening,” he concluded without hiding his surprise at the reaction of the commentator.

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