Former commander of “Azov” Biletsky declared a “hunt” for those responsible for the strike at a pre-trial detention center for detainees

Andrei Biletsky, the former commander of the Azov regiment, wrote on his Telegram channel that he had “declared a hunt” for anyone involved in the missile attack on the pre-trial detention center in Yelenovka, in the Donetsk People’s Republic, where his soldiers are located. unit is captured.

According to him, what happened is a planned action and it is against the customs and laws of war.

On behalf of the Azov troops, I declare the search for all those involved in the massacre. Regardless of position and place of residence, every ordinary performer and every organizer is responsible,” Biletsky wrote.

He added that the perpetrators would be found and destroyed “wherever they hide”.

night of 29 July rocket attack Along Elenovka, located between Donetsk and Volnovakha. The pre-trial detention center of the republic, where Ukrainian prisoners of war were held, was set on fire. DPR Regional Defense Headquarters reported that 53 people were killed and 75 injured. While Moscow and the Donetsk People’s Republic were accused of bombing the Ukrainian Armed Forces, they declared their innocence in Kiev.

Source: Gazeta


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