Fernando Alonso He turns 41 this Friday at the Hungarian Grand Prix, a race before the summer break. The Asturian driver is already in Budapest to compete again in one of his favorite circuits on the calendar, the Hungaroring, where he won his first F1 victory and has performed brilliantly throughout his career.

Alp They hope to put on a big performance by winning the Spaniard, who celebrates his birthday on their social networks, in a historic race in Hungary last year.

The French team continues to develop race after race, cementing the car as fourth best on the grid and trying to beat Mercedes in its fight for third team. The French should take the second seat for next season, as Alonso’s renewal has yet to be formalized.

The Asturian is not afraid for his permanence because he believes that in this vergueo break the negotiations will reopen. “Like I said, we’re going to sit down on vacation now and decide something.” “Both sides agree that things will be fine in ten minutes,” Alonso told EFE in Hungary. Although everything shows that he will continue in Formula 1 with Alonso’s continuity in the air, the Spanish driver will try to shine in Hungary as he does every season he goes on the track.

fetish circuit

In 2003, the Spaniard won his first race in Formula 1 and was declared the first Spaniard to win a race in motorsport’s highest category. On 24 August 2003 we saw the ‘little birds’ for the first time and a fight broke out between the young Spaniard and the veteran Michael Schumacher, who was about to lap the race.

Three years later alonso He did it again in a race that went down in history due to the overwhelming superiority of the Spaniards. Fernando and Schumacher were playing the F1 World Cup when it rained in Budapest. Both drivers received a penalty after completing free practice, with Michael starting from 12th and Alonso from 15th.

Rain, an ally of great drivers, helped Alonso do something unheard of, placing him in sixth place after completing just one lap and past nine single seats. Magic continued to rise in the rankings to take the lead after roaming outside. Schumacher In a historical overtaking like the exterior on the 130r suzuka