Monegal critique: The boy who wants to be Commissioner Villarejo when he grows up

The 2021-2022 season is coming to an end (September-July). I review what happened as a reminder and balance. There have been moments of barbaric audience success on television, such as that night. Isabel Diaz AyusoPresident of the Community of Madrid, went to have fun’anthill(A-3 TV, November 2021). Ah! It was an amazing day.

The jacuzzi was very well prepared; water at the appropriate temperature; bubbles sprouting happily and unstoppably; People’s enthusiastic chiquipark; and a perfectly trained masseur; The absolute record holder for this season: 28.3% screen share and 4.2 million absolutely dedicated viewers. Some say it was that night Paul Married realized that there were two newsletters left. But as the maximum expression and example of television’s power over the human condition, I would like to underscore this enormous, relentless outline. Jose Mota On New Year’s Eve special days. Here’s what I told you at the beginning of 2022.

taught to us Particle an ordinary, normal house in which a couple lives in a completely frightened manner who tells what happened to their ten-year-old son. It turns out that the boy wants to be like the commissar when he grows up. Villarejo. As are. And use it every day to train. He wears a hat like Villarejo’s; carries his wallet that covers his face; wears an eye patch; and it goes around the house and places microphones everywhere. He records his mom, dad, visitors, captures intimate moments, and fills the tape recorder with deceptive and embarrassing comments, threatening to pull the blanket off and color everyone. Actually it is. With his huge archive of house records, every ‘cat’ is blackmailed instantly. And the defeated and overwhelmed parents resignedly explain: “She wants to be. villarejo He sees it on the TV news every day and gets excited.” In other words, the television entered this child’s sensitive brain, and that intoxicating magma was impregnated with that audio-visual paste. ups We distinguish between heroes and villains.

Popularity kills everything. We are all children when we are glued to the glass of the work. This ‘draft’ Particle it was very important. I wish you as happy a summer as the glass allows.

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