A camera ride through the Spain of UFOs

English Files It is a project built around UFO phenomenon in Spainwho had a real experience boom in the 70s, with cases of sightings of hundreds of unidentified objects or alleged encounters with aliens taking up pages in the media. Alicante photographer Jose Luis Carrillo smoking club anyone deer childrencarries Three years in the footsteps of some of these events have faced recent experiences., with the intention of turning it into a photo book. But while touring the places, talking with the experts and the heroes of some cases, the photo book was insufficient and he set out. Daniel Martinezcameraman and documentary filmmaker, expand the idea with a documentary short film. The circle was completed by Guillermo Alcalá-Santaella. maralavi moviesThe manager is responsible for production.

English Files It is a study of the UFO phenomenon in Spain since the seventies, when it had its big boom with successive waves and cases like those of Jiménez del Oso making newspaper covers or making television shows. Idea recovering some of these wonderful cases“Like Próspera Muñoz, the first “abducted” woman—who forced a plane to make an emergency landing in front of several unidentified objects in Manises in 1979—or Adrián Sánchez, who was chased by a UFO,” Carrillo explains. searched for more recent cases among people aged 50 to 50 years. some phenomena in the first person.

Próspera Muñoz, considered the first person to be “abducted” in Spain, is one of those depicted in the book. JOSE LUIS CARRILO

“I am not interested in finding an extraterrestrial explanation for history., this remains anecdotal. what attracts me show your human side and see what happens to people who have experienced a real or imagined UFO phenomenon,” notes Carrillo, adding to the experiences of this depth. “They last a long time and there is a need to seek explanations in these people in general.. Finally, they are the seekers. Some seek meaning in religions, sects, ufology groups, or meditation and yoga.”

when he does deer children In a depopulated area of ​​Spain experienced something similar seeing two orbs of light crossing the sky this disappeared. “I don’t know what happened, nor do I have an explanation for what I saw. but from that moment on I became interested in this subject”, says English Files goes in two directions: on the one hand, show portraits of people experiencing phenomena “with the idea of ​​conveying their feelings” (from past or recent experience, as well as from phenomena researchers, soldiers, psychologists, pilots, etc.) and on the other hand to reflect where some of these cases have occurred. “with a strange and ufological lookanyone. It is the real places in Spain that take us there. Mars scenarios”.

Another of the images from the project “Spanish Files” JOSE LUIS CARRILO

The book is expected to be finished in October. With Carrillo in charge of photography and Daniel Martínez in charge of directing, recording and sound, the documentary is in the making with €5,000 assistance from the Ministry of Culture’s call for subsidies for cultural projects. they both traveled “About ten thousand kilometers from Seville to Finisterre via Spain in a car chasing UFOs”creating an environment that offers the “naturalness and intimacy we need” for recordings without a production team.

According to him, although the UFO phenomenon has lost its social significance in the 1970s, it still happens, “but today’s society is becoming more and more skeptical and rationalistic, and we don’t believe in things that have no scientific explanation, we don’t believe in something that didn’t happen fifty years ago.” However, it highlights English Files focuses on people, not explanations of strange phenomena. “In the end, I’m always affected by what happens to people and I try to go beyond the traditional point of view with projects outside the borders.. I reject the fact that the truth is that simple,” he concludes.

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