The heat wave and the very high temperatures it brought to us caused the proliferation and reproduction of one of the most unpleasant insects for humans, along with the hateful mosquitoes: cockroach. Also known as this repulsive animal exploding anyone Blattodea, scientific name, It is a very common intruder on summer nights and is very common in the eastern Spanish region. And drought is the ideal broth with high temperatures. cockroach They breed and look for food.


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although there are many ways to get rid of cockroaches and keep them out of our house, cleanliness is key to keeping these creatures from becoming pests. But preventing these unpleasant insects from sneaking into the house is quite complicated, especially if we live on low floors, but fortunately there are home remedies, products and tips. get rid of cockroaches at home.

We told you a few days ago how to repel cockroaches with a trick that has become very fashionable anyone How can I distinguish your eggs? and her feces To see if there is a plague in the house, I will give you a very simple call today. Homemade traps for cockroaches.

To deal with his scary appearance cockroaches and their eggs we have an excellent ally: boric acid. dir-dir substance very poisonous cockroach and is extremely effective at destroying them, but cockroaches are not stupid and we will have to use a bait to lure them in.

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At this point, an element that is widely used in all kitchens and that you will definitely have in your home comes into play: Coffee. And so is the aroma of coffee as well as the aroma of coffee. cinnamon, very attractive to these creatures, so they are awesome Allies against these pests.

For create a homemade trap to kill cockroaches we’ll just have to mix the ground coffee a little bit boric acid and one a pinch of sugar (to maximize its effectiveness) and leave the mixture in a jar with half water. You have to be patient by leaving the container in the house where you see cockroaches, and in a few days you will see how the trap will do its job. However, if you know there is more than one, you will need to repeat this process several times.