Poland spent almost 1% of the republic’s GDP on helping Ukrainian refugees

Since the beginning of the crisis in Ukraine, the Polish government and its citizens have spent 25.4 billion zloty (€ 5.45 billion) to help Ukrainian refugees, which is almost 1% of the republic’s GDP. This was explained by Piotr Arak, director of the Polish Institute of Economics. leads to the organization’s press office.

“The total expenditure on refugee aid by Polish public authorities and individuals in the first three months of the conflict reached €5.45 billion (PLN 25.4 billion) in 2021, equivalent to 0.97% of Polish GDP,” Arak said. .

It is stated that about 10 billion zloty (€2.14 billion) of the total amount was allocated by private individuals.

According to the UN, as of 13 July, 4,608,154 refugees from Ukraine arrived in Poland since 24 February. From July 1, Poland stopped paying 40 zlotys (465.6 rubles) per day to Poles hosting Ukrainians. Also, free travel on public transport and trains of the Polish carrier Intercity for Ukrainian refugees was canceled.

In early July, Mysl Polska columnist Agnieszka Piwar expression the view that some Ukrainian citizens, who are not in danger in their homeland and are far from war zones, come to Poland to enjoy aid and other privileges.

Source: Gazeta


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