10 salads with melon so you don’t get bored this summer

Running out of ideas for dinners and lunches this summer? In our gastronomy department, we help you to always have new ideas to put on the table. We are talking about several chickpea salads and others various So you can eat them very fresh.

as part of Mediterranean diet The thing that is not missing from your table is fruit. for food seasonal fruit They should be a must-have for everyone, adult or child, so it’s always a good idea to serve them as part of your main course. You can enjoy it in summer.Guacate, apricot, peach, cherry, pear, plum, watermelon, pear and of course melon.

Melon is one of the ideal fruits for moisturizing as it contains plenty of water. It is a diuretic fruit that helps fluid retention and is rich in vitamins and antioxidants.

Melon is an ideal fruit for summer pixabay

Therefore, we will present you 10 melon salads so that you can find many ways to enjoy this delicious fruit.

  1. The first salad with melon can be none other than the salad with melon. melon with ham. Rediscover this classic by adding cubes of watermelon and cured cheese.

  2. Let’s put together two typical salads: melon and pasta. It’s not unsuccessful. This combination is so easy to make, you just have to make your pasta salad and top it off with some melon cubes. More exhilarating, impossible.

  3. carrot and melon. Create the salad of the year with lettuce and shredded carrots. Now add the melon. This is a very interesting combination.
  4. If you like the toughest salads, you can mix it with melon. chicken strips. Add lettuce, feta and you’ve got a different caesar salad.

  5. this feta cheese It goes very well with melon if you add it an avocado and some cherry tomatoes You will have a very rich salad.

  6. Another different combination but also very rich salad. melon quinoa. Add tomatoes, onions and season to taste.

  7. If you want to add some fish to your salads, bet on it. Smoked Salmon. Mix it with lettuce, melon and a little radish and you’ll be amazed at its flavor.

  8. If you prefer Danube Salmon is also delicious with melon. If you accompany it with pink sauce, you will definitely repeat it.

  9. With strawberries. It may look more like a fruit salad than a salad, but it’s delicious.

  10. And the simplest: salad melon with tomatoes. Add cucumbers and season. Ready in three minutes.

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