The perfect lemon cake for summer: Three ingredients and no oven required

If it’s not the easiest cake to make, it will be close. Summer comes and dinners and lunches begin with friends and family where everyone has to bring something, and you ask yourself the million-dollar question: What am I cooking? well you are so easy delicious lemon tart and even easier.

If you are one of those people who do not have a lot of skills in the kitchen, kitchen tricks or resist them cake recipes you will love it unbaked lemon tart. This is a very simple recipe whose preparation requires only 3 ingredients and for this you do not need a mixer or, of course, an oven. this prescriptions This unbaked lemon tart it is one of those where you just have to mix the ingredients and little else. grandma’s chocolate cake and cookiesGrab a pen and paper and write down these simple steps.

Ingredients for no-bake lemon tart

  • Cookies: 28 pieces for four layers.

  • Condensed milk: 400 gr.

  • Juice of one lemon: about 150 ml.

  • A tin of cream cheese (at room temperature): 300 g

Making an oven-free lemon cake

  1. The first step to doing this Lemon Pie is to place a biscuit base at the bottom of a mold. Ideally, if our container is rectangular, use rectangular cookies. However, if the mold is round, the classic round cookie is perfect.

  2. After preparing our base, it’s time to mix the ingredients. For this, it is recommended that you take the cream cheese out of the refrigerator in advance so that it does not get too cold and it is easier to work with. to prepare our Lemon Pie we must mix the cheese with the juice of one lemon and a container of condensed milk. Since there is no sugar in this cake, this will be the only sweetener.

  3. After obtaining a homogeneous paste without lumps, we lay a layer on it. base biscuit and we put another layer of cookies and more cream. The idea is that there are several layers of biscuit-cream-biscuit-cream. After the cake is baked, cover it with cling wrap and let it rest in the refrigerator for a few hours so that the biscuit gets wet and the cream takes shape.

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