At least 66 people have been arrested in a network of hackers linked to Dominik Don’t Play

National Police hit a network of hackers affiliated with youth gang Dominican Play (DDP)using cybercrime financing to pay ‘war’ between rival factions, buy weapons and drugs.

Simultaneous searches were carried out in the operation in which 150 agencies participated. weapons were seizeddocuments regarding both the structure and regulation of DDPs, cash and narcotic items.

José García Serrano, Chief Steward of the Computer Fraud Brigade; Madrid Provincial Intelligence Brigade II. Division chief inspector Luis Balbín Carrero and other police officers offered more details about the operation at a press conference this Wednesday.

there are in total 66 detainees19 members of the group’s various choirs in Madrid, after 19 entries and recordings, including 19 in the capital Getafe, Pozuelo and Soria.

According to the statement made by the National Police, the criminal organization, which managed to seize about half a million euros, carried out an operation. bank fraud Through social engineering techniques across Spain using the knowledge of nine hackers of Brazilian nationality.

they interfered two pistols, three shotguns, five machetes, ammunition, cash and various materials about Dominik Don’t Play. The network has invested in virtual currencies and used ‘mules’ in its financing network.

According to the latest data of the Anti-Band Plan, which was launched on February 10 in Madrid, updated at the end of May, the National Police detected 47,692, Detained in 476He confiscated 291 guns and opened 1,680 drug records.

Source: Informacion


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