A couple’s quarrel leads to discovering a drug outlet in Torrevieja

an intervention Civil Guard It made possible the discovery and elimination of a case of gender-based violence due to a couple’s argument. Torrevieja a drugstore with a mini-greenhouse where the manager also grows hallucinogenic mushrooms. The man already had a police record of similar incidents, and after being arrested and brought to justice, it was ordered that he be released on charges and injunctions, Alicante Command reported.

The man’s arrest came as a result of a notification received to the Civil Guard, which had been warned of an alleged family conflict at a home in Torrevieja, where a couple resides.

a patrol Civil Guard Main Post Torrevieja left urgently as it was a supposed case of gender violence, and upon arrival at the home, a male and a female residents of Spanish nationality were identified.

Influences seized in Torrevieja. INFORMATION

After the couple was identified and dealt with reporting the family dispute, the agents concluded that the identified man was engaged. drug dealing and said he hid various narcotic substances in the house.

For this reason, in the search made at the house, the Civil Guards seized 12 grams of cannabis, 35 grams of hallucinogenic mushrooms, 400 grams of marijuana, 18 grams of methamphetamine, 128 grams of the sharp substance used to carry drugs, more than 12 grams in total. 800 pills Pharmaceutical opium of different brands without the necessary medical prescription, a marijuana plant prepared for drying, utensils for weighing and cutting the substance, 500 euros divided into several bills of different value, and a pistol-type compressed air gun.

What was striking about the search for agents was a homemade mini greenhouse used for illegal farming. hallucinogenic mushrooms.

The man was arrested for allegedly committing crimes against public health for drug trafficking and was placed at the disposal of the Torrevieja security court, where he was ordered to be released on injunctive relief.

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