Spain will help move grain out of Ukraine and store it in Tarragona and Barcelona

Spain will attend with Poland, Luxembourg and France an attempt to remove 8.000 tons of grain Ukraine via a railway corridor that will connect Poznan (Poland) with Mediterranean ports of Tarragona, Barcelona and CartagenaAccording to Spanish government sources. The idea is that Ukrainian trains, which use a different gauge and cannot pass through the European tunnels, arrive at the Polish border with grain to be transferred to other trains after passing through Poland, Germany, Luxembourg and France. Spanish Mediterranean ports where will they be stored in silos Later for export to Maghreb countries.

public-private project It will start on July 15 and presented by the Spanish president last Thursday, Pedro SanchezTo the rest of our European colleagues during the discussions dedicated to Ukraine, in the framework of countermeasures food crisis world Despite the EU and United Nations’ attempts to find a solution, it stems from the 20 million tons of grain blockade in the Ukrainian port of Odessa, which Russia has not allowed to be released until now.

600 tons

Several railway companies, such as the French SNCF or RENFE, will join the initiative, which is coordinated by Spain. As the same sources explain, the goal is to 600 tons in July Shipments are expected to increase to 8,000 tons from August in the first three months of operation of the venture. After that, the idea is to continue to extract grain according to Ukraine’s needs and decisions. They described the Spanish executive as “an important contribution that Spain wants to make to a very complex situation”. The Ukrainian government has so far identified two routes for grain exports. Poland and RomaniaThis involves transporting the grain from the train to the ship along the Danube and then shipping it to the port of Konstanz, a complex and very costly process.

Just four days ago the head of European diplomacy, Joseph Borrellaccused Russia of committing a “war crime” by blocking millions of tons of grain exports from Ukraine. “It is necessary to extract 20 million tons of grain from Ukraine in less than three months using EU infrastructure,” the transport commissioner said in early May. Adina Valean. According to figures from Brussels, under normal conditions, Ukraine exports 75% of its grain production, accounting for 20% of its annual export earnings. Before the war, Ukraine’s Black Sea ports were responsible for 90% of grain and oilseed exports.

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