White House claims they did not establish NATO in the Asia-Pacific region

John Kirby, strategic communications coordinator at the White House National Security Council (NSC), said at a briefing that the United States is not trying to replicate the NATO military-political alliance in the Asia-Pacific region. TASS.

We are not talking about a “light” Asian version of NATO here. “NATO is a transatlantic defense alliance,” he said.

Representatives from South Korea in particular will attend the summit. Kirby argues that an escalation of armed conflict in the Asia-Pacific region is possible.

“And of course our South Korean allies know this better than others. We think it’s important that they’re there. But it’s not about creating a kind of “light” version of NATO in the Asia-Pacific region,” repeated Kirby.

Former Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs called NATO will stop trying to start a new Cold War.

Source: Gazeta


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