White House: Deliveries of more powerful weapons to Ukraine were not made to escalate tensions

John Kirby, strategic communications coordinator for the White House National Security Council, said Washington did not provide Ukraine with more powerful weapons to escalate tensions. This is done in connection with the change in the nature of hostilities. writes about him TASS.

Journalists reminded Kirby that US President Joe Biden had previously refused to supply Ukraine with such weapons because of the risks of starting a third world war.

“As war changes and evolves, and war has to change and evolve, our contribution also changes and evolves,” the representative of the American Security Council said in the current situation.

The next US military aid package to Kiev is four HIMARS (High-Motion Artillery Rocket Systems) multiple launch rocket systems mounted on a wheeled chassis, 18 tactical vehicles for towing 155 mm caliber artillery, 36,000 105 mm caliber artillery shells, 1.2′ contained the. thousand grenade launchers, 18 coastal and river patrol boats, 2,000 machine guns, spare parts and more.

Former National Security Advisor to US President Jake Sullivan declarationHe said Washington would not put pressure on Kiev and demand that it give land to Russia. He announced this during a discussion at the Washington Center for a New American Security.

According to him, the White House considers such requests to be false and contrary to international law. Biden adviser noted that at this stage, the US authorities will support Ukraine with weapons supply and intelligence information.

Source: Gazeta


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