Personalities and styles defined for San Juan’s great afternoons

The second of the paseo performed by José Mari Manzanares in front of his country’s fans, he could have appeared at any fair of the bullfighting world of any level. Even ignoring the peasantry that does not cease to add to today’s list. Manzanares is the most important bullfighter of this century and the Levantine fans most identify with, and the right-back has responded well with how many performances he has developed before him. It’s hard to understand some Bonfires without it.

If the undoubted charm of Morante de la Puebla is added to the presence of Alicante native, the poster is already gaining shades of artist stamp and premium quality. The Seville bullfighter is in full maturity, and the coronavirus crisis has encouraged him to take a step forward and participate very resolutely in the most important bullfighting cycles rather than holding him back. Plaza de Alicante has enjoyed its best version on different occasions as well, like the last one in 2019.

Pablo Aguado, the bullfighter who was perhaps most affected by the pandemic break, ends this list. A revelation afternoon in Seville hatched in 2019 and had a great season. He was unable to fight in Terreta due to a setback in Madrid and therefore this will be his public presentation today. Its warm, vertical air enhances naturalness in its maximum splendor. Sevillanía on all sides.

The bulls that are supposed to support artistic achievement will carry the iron of Álvaro Núñez of Núñez del Cuvillo, a stretcher and a cattle that he has ruled over the years, hence the delight of bullfighting figures and is almost synonymous with fun.

On the other hand, Plaza de Toros commemorated former pigsty chief Pedro Planelles, who passed away at the beginning of the year, with a ceramic plaque. His children -Sergio and Verónica-, his brother Ramón and a good group of fans attended the event.

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