Carmen Machi: “When I make a character, I prefer to disappear”

‘In the Sublime’Second feature film by the Valencian director Roberto Buesois coming to cinemas in Spain this Friday. lead role carmen machiIt was previewed as part of the movie. young cinema festival. From this movie, Machi talks about how believing in yourself can take us to the top.

She plays a nun trying to motivate a group of kids through sports. In the time of “actors” and “instagrammers”, the movie could almost have been sci-fi.

When you look back – this movie is set in the 1990s – it’s amazing how things have changed. I don’t know what these kids would be like today if they had a screen’s demonic weapon in their hands. The beauty of sport is that in the movie example, football, it’s something you have to work with as a team. Sport is also believing in yourself, trusting that everything can happen at the last moment. For these kids in the movie, sports changed their lives.

What attracted you in “Lots of Grace”?

History. Sister Maria is 95 years old. at yesterday’s show [por el miércoles] His younger brother approached me and my soul was overwhelmed. There is a very good report on this story. Valdo put up a jersey that read “Thank you, sister Marina” in the First Division game and this triggered the story. The family told me how special he was, ahead of his time, smart, cultured, traveling to London and France. Then he decided to pick up habits. He loves football and thinks these kids should look for something that will be their engine. I thought the story was great, but I wanted to know how to tell it: comedy, drama, realism.

It is neither drama nor comedy.

This is life. The labels are so dangerous, and it seems like people won’t go to the movies unless you even look at the poster and say it’s a comedy. I go black with it. It’s a very emotional movie and with the responsibility of being telling a true story that lived through a true story and one of them is known. What they tell is huge: a story of overcoming, motivation, unity, not giving up, believing you have a family, not feeling alone…

Does Carmen Machi have anything in common with a football coach nun?

None. I see the characters from the outside. It is very difficult to do it yourself. I’d rather just disappear for the character to fit in. I think this woman has higher values ​​than mine and try to be like her in some of the things I can do because I admire her deeply.

The movie set in the 90s, did you miss a bit of the past times?

No, not at all. I was in the 90’s mod and I was at Rockola, drinking and smoking.

We’ve seen it in all kinds of genres and scenarios. Which one do you feel more comfortable with?

This job is not done for comfort. Luckily, I do what I want to do. At other stages of your life, you cannot choose. What I’m doing has to bother me because if I feel comfortable, I get bored. I need something I didn’t do or something that makes me dizzy.

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