Couple arrested in Italy suspected of plotting attacks on behalf of ISIS

Italian security forces Two people suspected of planning a terrorist attack in northern Italy were arrested this Friday On behalf of the Islamic State jihadist group and Chemicals allegedly intended for the production of explosives were seized.

An investigation was launched into the detainees, a man and a woman who could have been an emotional couple. for the purpose of association terrorism or overthrowing the democratic order, recruiting and training for terrorist purposes According to the AdnKronos news agency, it is within the framework of an operation carried out in the town of Trento.

Ros Police commander Pasquale Angelosanto detailed that the teenager is a chemical technician who will “radicalize” and approach the ideologies of ISIS, even swearing allegiance to the jihadist group. “This path leads him to adopt more radical positions”explained.

Thus, he stated that the suspect was “capable of obtaining chemical precursors for very dangerous explosives” because of where he worked. “For the first time in Italy, we are faced with a radicalized Italian citizen in his own home, self-taught on the Internet,” he said.

Angelosanto also pointed out The suspect was “preparing a trip to Nigeria, where there is a regional branch. Islamic State. “Gezi is part of a call for extreme loyalty. We can assume that the trip will take place after an attack has taken place,” he said.

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