Scientists found giant underwater volcanoes off the coast of South America 16:47

Researchers from the Schmidt Ocean Institute in the US have discovered and mapped four seamounts in the deep sea off the coasts of Peru and Chile. The height of the largest reaches 2.68 kilometers. The article was published on: portal Live Science.

The other peaks were determined to be 1591 meters, 1644 meters and 1873 meters high, respectively. The discovery was made during a scientific expedition on the Falkor ship belonging to the Schmidt Institute.

According to scientists, the seamounts turned out to be extinct volcanoes. They are so large that they create gravitational anomalies that can be detected by satellites.

“Studying gravitational anomalies is a great way to study Earth’s topography, and when we did this we found very large seamounts,” said scientist John Fulmer, leader of the expedition team.

Despite the impressive size of the discovered peaks, they did not become record holders. Today, Mauna Kea, the extinct volcano in Hawaii, is considered the largest seamount in the world. The total height of the underwater and surface parts is 10.2 kilometers, which is almost one and a half kilometers higher than Everest.

seals before helped Scientists find an unknown underwater canyon.

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