Biden plans to lift federal gas tax for three months

There are several places where americans they feel more coup between inflation so when filling Depositespecially in a country car for the majority life style. Few factors contributed more to this price increase sink to its lowest point, about 40%, approval ratings the president, Joe Biden. In this context, a president’s announcement this Wednesday proposal to suspend federal taxes on gasoline and diesel, It was a measure by which the citizens, and of course his own politician, would try to mitigate the evil of his two evils.

But it’s a plan adhere to from him but of the Congress and republican opposition and doubts, even rejection some democrats It obscures the probability of the proposal becoming a reality.

According to the approach Biden put forward in his call for information from Administration sources, he would be eliminated by the end of September (weeks before the elections). parliamentary elections in November) federal taxes on fuels. That’s 18.4 cents (about five cents per liter) off the price of gasoline and 24 cents per gallon of diesel. this average price per gallon gasoline in the country about five dollars.

Biden also ask the states let them too temporarily suspend your local taxes. Three states (Maryland, Georgia, and Connecticut) have already had “gas tax holidays,” New York kicked off this month, and Florida announced it would do so in October. Many legislatures have already begun their work. summer holiday.

Likewise, a few days ago, the president, who again blamed the presidential administrators, manufacturing companies taking advantage of the crisis and “making the pain worse” for consumers expand refining capabilities and lower prices.

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Biden’s recommendations in his speech this Thursday are, Clear effort from the White House and for the Democrats show initiative in a battle disappointing rise in prices among many Americans. But it’s also little more than words. The majority of Republican legislators reject them, and they have been criticized with varying intensity within the Democratic ranks.

Senator Tom Carper, for example, “Myopic and inefficient way of providing help”. Senator Joe Manchin stood out for himself.”skeptical” about its usefulness, and the same has been done by other democrats like economists and others. Nancy PelosiUnderlining that they fear that the greatest benefit from the measure will be provided by companies, not citizens. When I was president Barack Obama the idea of ​​suspending the federal tax on fuels simply “to deceive”.

The money collected from these taxes also finances a large part of the invested budget. highway construction and maintenance and Biden’s plan would pull $10 billion out of the public coffers. But the president recalled that he had received approval for a generous infrastructure investment package. And this week, he admitted that his plan will “make it happen” if he continues. some influence“but also reassured”not in major road construction or repairs”.

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