They seized over three kilos of cocaine with the help of a drug-fighting dog in Mutxamel

a joint operation Sant Joan Civil Guard and Mutxamel Local Police He made possible the demolition of a major cocaine outlet run by an arrested 50-year-old man, who allegedly supplied smugglers across the province and then sold it at retail. They captured more in the operation three kilos of “coca” That the detainee was hidden in the registry and discovered by the dog named “Chico”, an anti-drug agent of the Civil Guard Clinical Service. In addition to the point of sale officer detained at the police station, a woman who left her home with 30 grams of cocaine prepared for retail sale among small consumers was also arrested.

The Sant Joan d’Alacant Investigation District and the Mutxamel Local Police have been tracking a key drug trafficker who has settled in the municipality of Mutxamel since 2020. Prolonged investigations due to security precautions which the smuggler adopts to avoid being discovered.

However, the identity of the suspect could be determined and it was determined that he had a criminal record for acts similar to the investigation. During the investigations, agents seized small quantities of drugs intended for consumption in various parts of Alicante.

The alleged drug trafficker, now arrested, was well known among consumers because the cocaine he was selling was so pure.

Dog “Chico” searching for home in Mutxamel. INFORMATION

Investigators recently took advantage of a moment when the investigated person let his guard down to continue his arrest and search of his home in Mutxamel. Just before he started searching the house, a woman came out of the house. drug trafficking historyspecifically in San Vicente del Raspeig and also arrested for carrying 30 grams of cocaine It is intended for distribution among small consumers.

In the registry, intervention little dog” Specialist in cocaine detection from the Civil Guard Clinician Service. The dog positively marked two rooms of the house and found 3.1 kilograms of cocaine hidden there. Agent “Chico” has been around for more than 7 years and isn’t the first to discover important caches like Mutxamel’s. In addition to the drug, they intervened 30.000 €12 high-quality watches, a motorcycle, a car, tools for cutting, preparing and dispensing medicine, as well as various computer devices and documents for analysis and study.

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