Primark launches online sales to stop Shein

Sectorlow cost‘ It’s like a sea of ​​sharks: competition is fierce, and they’ll eat you if you’re weak. Primark has had a tough time during the pandemic because unlike its main competitors shein Y aliexpress, did not sell their products online. He learned his lesson and announced in March that he would make a breakthrough. digital sales. Unofficial, official this Wednesday: the company that owns the brand, Associated British Dishesannounced that it will finally be released. online store, a commercial strategy with which it plans to attract and retain users. Primark will do so at a good time as it bills 2,009 million euros in its third fiscal quarter, which represents an 81% increase in sales compared to the same quarter of 2021.

“we do The digital part is advancing in a big way both in the UK and the rest of the world. Europe. This will generate sales and profits for us,” Associated British Foods CFO said. John Basson. In this sense, it announced that the brand will open up for online sales and will also add a new service: near real-time reporting. availability of products in the store.

This innovation did not take long to implement: Primark redesigned its website for the British market in April and included a query of the most available products. 190 establishments. Now it’s time for online shopping. The brand will start a pilot test of the service’Click and Collect‘ in the UK at the end of 2022. That is, it will be possible to buy it through its online store, but orders will not be sent home, it has to be collected from workplaces (without paying shipping charges).

For now, the strategy will focus on the children’s fashion industry, launching up to 2,000 products. This system will have more travel: It is expected to be implemented all over the world in Spain, the company’s second market, where it has 55 stores. 2023.

With or without ‘Click and Collect’, users will notice a price increase when they pay. Although the textile chain’s operating profit for the first six months of its fiscal year (October-March) was 491 million euros, this was almost 10 times the result recorded in the same period of the previous year.

inflationary pressures Associated British Foods CEO George Weston said in April that Primark will impose selective price increases on some of its Fall and Winter Collection stocks, as we cannot balance all of this with cost savings.

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