MACA expansion project will be ready in March 2023

improve reception and public attention enlarge the surface dedicated to both permanent and temporary exhibitions, documentation, restoration and storage; increase the space for training programs, mediation and activities; improve internal functionality by rethinking existing spaces and greater urban integration. Based on these criteria, one of the two companies submitted to the public competition of the Alicante City Council will have to prepare the extension project for the Museum of Contemporary Art in Alicante.

This morning, the Contracting Committee opened two envelopes containing proposals corresponding to: Sancho-Madridejos Architecture Officeauthors of the current MACA project and Alicante Abnormal Architectures Office SLP. One of these two firms will be selected in about ten working days and will write the project in eight months. it will be like this March 2023 When finished.

Estimated budget in the tender, 399,079 € To go to the Alicante museum From 4,600 square meters to 8,200, which is 75% more. The expansion of MACA will take place at the back, between Plaza del Puente and streets Balseta and San Juan.

“We’re talking about an expansion of about 3,600 square feet,” explains the Cultural Council Member. Anthony Manresa. “As we take into account that the surface of MACA is about 4,600 square meters, the enlargement we are considering is 75% more, approximately, this will open up new possibilities for displaying plastic works, paintings and photographs, as well as large sculptures”.

After the extension project is completed, the implementation bidding will take longer as it is necessary to wait for the uses of the area to change. “Before it was necessary change usage plan from backIt’s a process where we’re starting to shorten deadlines because it requires a significant change,” Manresa reassures. Housing Board He resigned from the project to prioritize the MACA.”

For this executive, the mayor says, “we’re definitely going to have to ask for the cooperation of other institutions because I think they’re going to want to participate.”

The need for a new museum

Last year, MACA celebrates its first decade It has been transformed into a reference museum of contemporary art. The growth of its funds, with the donation of 291 artifacts from the Jenkins-Romero Collection from New York, has accelerated the need to expand the museum to adapt it to current needs while also looking to the future.

According to the special needs report for this expansion, street Balseta plot the only possibility Thus, the museum can grow in a situation where all spaces “grow exponentially” because it “has a very functional, but limited architectural space, which does not allow it to carry out some activities or propose more ambitious projects”.

The report talks about the need to create new facilities for the public. resting areas, bookstore, cafeteria with independent entrance and open viewing terrace.

Plan from which the area extending behind the MACA can be seen, according to Sancho-Madridejos’ previous work. Sancho-Madridejos

As for the collections (20th Century Art, Eusebio Sempere, Juana Frances, Fundación Mediterráneo and Jenkins-Romero), provided their own growth through acquisitions as well as donations. insufficient both permanent and temporary exhibition halls, in addition to areas for storage and protection of parts.

At this last point, “The project must have a large storage space According to the report, which unites collections and adds meaning to storage,” this requires open spaces that allow for easy manipulation of things and predict reasonable growth.

Another emphasis is spaces for public activities, One of the lines that has grown the most in MACA and that, as ever, requires specific locations.

In June 2021, the Alicante City Council commissioned the Sancho-Madridejos studio to carry out some of the work. Preliminary work for the expansion of the museum. From these early drawings and sketches, “We identified some of the features we needed, such as a new monumental room in height, which would provide the building with large proportions of space ideal for accommodating imposing sculptures,” said Manresa. sign.

The expansion of MACA is “a cry from the entire cultural sector and from the museum itself. We have collections of paintings that deserve recognition from the city of Alicante and our visitors,” says a spokesperson for the municipality.

The creation of an entrance from the basement of the Basilica of Santa María, facing Jorge Juan street, is excluded. “It can’t be used as an entrance as it’s archaeological remains, but that area can be salvaged as an exterior to mix archeology and modern art, and tidy that area up.” Minister of Culture says this idea “I do not exclude thatbut that goes the other way.”

Scale for evaluating offers

Board of Directors met last 14 june agreed to appoint its members. expert committee will evaluate these two proposals according to the criteria set in the specifications. In addition to the Alicante City Council, the Regional Association of Architects, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports, University of AlicanteExpert in the management of Valencian Community Museums Consortium and cultural centres.

According to the specifications, “ price cannot be the only determining factor award” and quality-related criteria “must represent at least 51 percent of the assignable score in the evaluation of bids”.

they will be valued. 70 points as an evaluable criterion for quality-related judgment aspects, “especially the technical value of bidders’ bids” and 30 pointscan be evaluated automatically, like other considerations price, experience in the same type of work, complementary work and maximum energy rating.

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