Rodrigo Mendoza (Murcia, March 15, 2005) It has become the great pearl of the Elche quarry. He finished a dream season at the age of 17. passedJumped from cadet to junior and in just one year Honors Division Youth A and even debuted with the subsidiary. His great reward was to be called with him. Spanish team sub’17has become a classic for Julen Guerrero and took part in the last European Championships played in Israel.

Frangiverde midfielder, “in it” I have taken many steps forward. It took me a while at first because it was about moving from the student squad to Juvenile A and then being called up with Ilicitano and being able to debut. But I’m slowly getting used to the different categories and it has become easier and more enjoyable for me thanks to the coaches and my teammates”.

The young actor from the academy states that it is “a great pleasure” to be in Europe. Call, I was waiting more or less because I had been in the friendlies before.. I am very happy to be able to represent Spain at the European Under-17 Championship and it was another step to continue growing and a reward for the great season from me.. Thanks to Elche, I was called up to the national team.”

Spain were eliminated to Portugal in Julen Guerrero’s team’s only loss. “It was embarrassing but we knew how to absorb it because we made an incredible group. That was the key to winning so many games before the European Championship and coming undefeated. The power of defeat has united us even more”.

Rodrigo Mendoza is very grateful to the Elche club. “Elche is the club that helped me grow so much in such a short time. I’ve adapted more and more quickly and I hope it will be for many and I can continue to evolve as a player and as a person here.”.

Looking to the next season, the young midfielder will make the leap to Ilicitano despite being only 17 years old, and even in the current situation, they do not rule out that he can play with the first team pre-season at the behest of Francisco. “The goals I set for myself are to continue taking steps in my career. “I think I am more and more prepared to take steps forward and more prepared to be able to do that.”