The attack committee on the Capitol highlights Trump’s crackdown and threats against state officials and poll workers.

commission of inquiry attack the capital On January 6, 2021, it held its fourth public session this Tuesday, focusing on the following issues on this occasion: pressure and threats with what donald trump and its most radical allies Unsuccessfully tried to persuade state election offices To reverse the legal consequences of his lost presidential election. As in previous sessions, most of the information presented was already known, but gained new strength by being told in the first person by the protagonists. has also been new discoveries This supports the case for the Department of Justice to take legal action. And this Tuesday, witnesses describing the harassment and direct and indirect threats helped to better understand the event. severe impact There was, and still is, resistance to Trump.

with his testimony Georgian Foreign Minister Brad Raffensperger, now heard again in Congress, are the devastating parts of Trump’s call for more than an hour on January 2, 2021. In that provocative and exciting conversation that ‘The Washington Post’ gave exclusively to the president, asked the foreign minister also directly republican to “recalculate” votes. Claiming “I just want to find 11,780,” Trump wanted exactly one more than the difference he lost the state to Biden.

“Numbers are numbers, numbers don’t lie”, Raffensperger testified. about 300 inquiries Of fraud charges promoted by Trump, without finding these alleged irregularities.

Something similar has been said rusty archers, who is republican Presides over the Arizona House of Representatives, one of the states where Trump has filed false accusations of corruption and pressured the election results not to be ratified. Bowers described a phone call with Trump and Rudy Giuliani in which they discussed the alleged 200,000 votes. undocumented immigrants and between 5,000 and 6,000 people deceased. Bowers requested names and evidence, but was never given. “We have many theories, we just don’t have proof”, came to know in another conversation with the former mayor of New York, Bowers Giuliani.

The conspiracy of the “wrong voters”

The trial also highlighted another part of the conspiracy by Trump and his allies: the illegal notion that Republicans falsely said he had won the election. Electoral Collegeo The “voters” who will give Trump, not the vote that equals Biden in the American system. At least six states (Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, New Mexico, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin) they chose these “wrong voters”.

Although this wrong choice alone legal consequencesThe fact that they tried to get Trump to count those votes on January 6, crime of supplying false documents to the federal government. And this Tuesday is one of the biggest revelations, Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson tried to get vice president Mike penny most list of fake voters in your state Minutes before the start of the session on January 6, Pence, as Senate president, was at the forefront of certification that interrupted the attack on Capitol Hill. The vice president’s team refused to give them to them.

It is also known that on December 14, the day the election delegation gathered and voted, Trump called the President of the USA. Republican National Committee, Ronna McDaniel for including her in the wrong voter plot. In this speech the lawyer John EastmanThe same person who drafted what became known as the “coup draft” urged McDaniel to help identify and recruit fake voters to vote for Trump.

Personal cost of threats

Both Bowers, Raffensberger and other witnesses this Tuesday helped put a face to the impact of Trump’s lies and threats from the president and his allies to charges that resisted his crackdown.

Bowers, for example, said they went to his home where he had a seriously ill daughter on Saturdays, when protesters accused him of using banners and trucks.pedophile, perverted and corrupt politician”. Quoted anonymously far right group three percent as part of your home visits and harassed, including armed, your family and neighbors.

Raffensperger, for his part, made this public following his public clashes with Trump. contact and residence information made public and said that someone had entered the house of his widowed bride and that his wife had taken him. “sexualized” threats.

They also attended the congress Shaye Moss and her mother Ruby Freeman two black women who are survey workers They have been accused of lying in Georgia and directly by Trump, Giuliani, and the conservative media and ultras for alleged vote counting irregularities. Trump called them “scammers,” quoted up to 18 times in a meeting with Raffensberger, and women started taking it. racial harassment, hate messages and death threats.

This Tuesday, Moss vividly recounted the impact of what happened in his life. He said he had gained almost 30 kilos, not leaving the housethis is now questions everything he does. Her mother said she was discredited, according to the broadcast video of her interview with the committee’s investigators, and that the FBI even recommended that she leave the house on her own. security. “I don’t feel safe anywhere,” she said. “should be president United States of America represent every American, not ignore anyone, but he put me in”.

Congressman Adam Schiff, who is leading the hearing this Tuesday, said:The president’s lie was cancer and it was cancer in the body of politics. “If you could convince Americans that they couldn’t trust their choices, that every time they lost it was somehow illegitimate, right?what is left but violence to determine who should rule?”, Schiff raised.

this next public hearing committee held on Thursdaywill be centered Trump’s pressure on the Justice Department.

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