Is the reconciliation Balkanizing?

Now that Oltra has already left, is there any risk of Compromís being “balkanized”? The desperate attempt to hold him against everything by ignoring his accusations had little to do with him. The truth is, there was a real and relevant “fear vacuum” in the evil that their separation could bring them. This mystery of post-oltrism was the great fear that entrenched in the respective families of the coalition, causing many impossible distortions and verbal excesses by its leaders in this final part of Monica’s political career. There are shows out there as astonishing as Agueda Micó’s tweets that a segment of the Bloc showed Oltra the evil of ‘dancing’ in the water in her determination not to resign. By the way, they neither danced nor moved their muscles in the Oltra region Initiative. They were just waiting for autumn.
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