They find a dead teenager in a house full of blood in Murcia.

A 31-year-old man was found dead in a house in Águilas this afternoon (Murcia). The person who found the body entering the house at a quarter to eight this Tuesday was a friend of the deceased.

After entering the house, the presence of a large amount of dispersed blood He alerted the victim’s friend, who walked through the building and found the dead body in the living room.

As this newspaper found out, The friend said he believed the young man had killed himself. This excess will be confirmed by the forensic examination to be carried out within the Institute of Forensic Medicine.

In the first eye examination of the body, it was seen that there was a cut on the neck.probably the cause of death.

Again, all hypotheses open, waiting for autopsywill confirm the participation of another person in the death.

The case will be handled by Civil Guard, the competent body to conduct the investigation. The friend’s statement will be the key to clarifying what’s going on.

Source: Informacion


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