AVE will arrive in Asturias in May 2023

this will reach high speed Asturias In May 2023, As confirmed by the Minister of Transport this afternoon, Rachel Sanchez, To Adrian Barbón at the meeting that closed the “marathon” of the Head of the Principality’s ministerial visits in Madrid. In other words, the first trip will coincide with the weeks just before the municipal and district elections, if the deadline given by the Transport portfolio holder is confirmed.

The arrival of high speed in Asturias is linked to the opening of the Pajares Bypass, a study that is in testing phase and which the central government considers its first phase to be commissioned.. Barbón had already advanced yesterday, hoping to get a “timely appointment” from Raquel Sánchez. It will scrap the existing nineteenth-century route between Leon and Asturias for the new rail link between Asturias and Leon.

The marathon of talks between President Barbón and the Ministers of Transport, Presidency, Ecological Transition, Industry and Agriculture arose from the discomfort caused in the Asturian Government by the results of the report detailing LA NUEVA ESPAÑA, a newspaper belonging to the same organization. A group like this newspaper on the execution of General State Budgets (PGE), which in Adrián Barbón’s own opinion places Asturias in very low percentages, is “absolutely unacceptable data”.

The safety tests of the new rail route between Asturias and León represent the last step before the commercial opening of the long-claimed and first emblematic ship in the region in 2004 under the government of José María Aznar. The opening of the tunnel through the Cantabrian mountain range took place during José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero’s tenure, but the work was subject to delays and cost overruns due to various issues, notably flooding in one of the tunnels or a landslide in one of the tunnels. On the slope of Campomanes. Completion of these safety tests, which are necessary and mandatory for the opening of a section that passes largely under the Cantabrian mountain range, will coincide with the weeks before the regional and municipal elections to be held on the last Sunday of May 2023.

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