US Supreme Court approves use of public money for religious education

six judges Conservative majority of the Supreme Court United States of America this Tuesday they have taken one more step that they have guaranteed. victory for religious interests Y ease the church-state divide in the country. three judges progressives The Supreme Court expressed its views. opposition and magistrate Sonia Sotomayor once again “Increased concern over Supreme Court slippage”.

The case arose Maine but can have national effects. It is based on a lawsuit filed by two families against a school program in rural areas of the state. Under this program, sparsely populated areas without public secondary schools were allowed to contract with other nearby public schools to house these students, or to use public funds for the state to help parents pay their tuition fees. Private schools these centersnon-sectarian”. this Tuesday Sublime said that exclusion from religious schools public aid unconstitutional.


“This discrimination against religion,” wrote the Chief Justice, Judge John Roberts, who had led the case in recent years. expanding freedom of religion a priority.

One of the Maine schools at the center of this case expects its teachers to “integrate”. Biblical principles in his teachings in all matters” and “spread the word christianity”. The other is that every student has “a Christian worldview and philosophy of life”. both admitting to discrimination gaystrans people and non-Christians.

37 state constitutions in america It seems so direct or indirect use taxpayer money in religious schools and these provisions may now be affected. In addition, the decision may encourage more religious schools to seek public funding as follows. compatible centersIt is a situation that they have not been able to reach until now and that the conservative movement is trying to change in court.

“Eliminate the Church-State Separation”

The reaction of the progressive judges spared no criticism. Judge Stephen Breyer, in his opposition, reminded that the first amendment to the US Constitution began with a constitutional amendment. sentence He prohibits government will write laws establish a religion and then there is another veto laws prohibiting the free practice of any religion. “While the Court today pays almost no attention to the words of the first paragraph, it pays almost special attention to the words of the second paragraph,” Breyer wrote.

Sotomayor was the toughest in the opposition. “This trial continues. tearing down the dividing wall between church and state It’s what the constitutional writers are trying to build,” he wrote. “The consequences of this rapid conversion of religious provisions What is this court doing?”

Sotomayor also showed “growing concernThe drift of the Court, which has not yet handed out the most anticipated sentence of this law course, which, according to a draft leaked in May, is predicted to end the conservative majority’s constitutional protection of the right to abortion. It has been in the USA since 1973. At the center of this case, during a recent visit to the clinic in Jackson, Mississippi, an activist denounced that the conservative movement “will not stop until they turn the United States into a theocracy”. ”

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